25 Points of Creativity
03. Break Free of Self Consciousness

Being creative can sometimes be a tall order, because once creativity becomes common fare, that is “popular” and widely accepted as the way it should be, it tends to set up a roadblock against any creative endeavors that come after it.

As a result, over time we are taught rules and informed of regulations that guide us on how “things should be done.” In turn, we become all-too self-conscious of what we do, so that if we have any doubt as to whether or not we are doing things the “right way,” we tend to quell the manifestation of our ideas. We become afraid that we might offend or that someone will put up a fight, should we, god forbid, propose something new.

The Solution: don’t think about it too much. Close your eyes and ears to others and concentrate on what your mind, heart and soul are saying—this is your intuition speaking. Just because what you’d like to do is contrary or new, doesn’t mean it automatically invalidates its inherent merit.

Enabling this principle often takes a lot of confidence, one which often needs to turn a blind eye to courtesy and tradition and the way things have always been done. Accordingly, creativity often requires bravery: a willingness to dive right in without asking permission, a desire to break ground and pioneer, and an understanding that there are risks to be had, but the greater risk lies in not trying, not vying to be creative, for being creative is the sincerest expression of the Self, and the greatest compliment that one can pay to Life itself is to be creative.

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