25 Points of Creativity
02. The Root of All Creativity


The root of all creativity is an inherent call to action. It is embedded in the word itself. Albeit, formally creativity means "the ability to create," for me it also means "creating-activity," that is that creativity cannot exist unless some action to is taken toward it.

To be creative you must make an effort to create something. That may sound all-too simple, but the reality is that many people often have many great ideas, but do absolutely nothing with them. If anything, they pass them on to others, as “suggestions,” but will not apply themselves to the task or any energy otherwise. Hence, millions of great ideas die each day and nothing ever becomes of them.

Moreover, the mind is an omnipotent, omniscient, most wonderful thing, but it will not achieve its godly potential unless it is used, that is employed to deploy and manifest and create.

Sometimes people hesitate to create because they feel that being creative requires one to be “original.” This is not true. Little in life is truly “original” anyway. Poets, painters, and photographers alike often merely reinterpret what already exists, just like writers often tell the same old story, but with simply with different words than before.

By tweaking the traditional wedding ritual of “Something Old, Something New, Something Blue,” we find that we have a wonderful mantra to inspire any creative endeavor. Whenever you're in a rut, hit a glitch, or simply stuck in the ditch of ennui, motivate yourself by trying to take something old and making it something new - then just apply some color, and Voila! you will have been creaive. It’s a great way create new photos out of old ones or fresh new verse inspired by old and familiar poems.

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