25 Points of Creativity

Yesterday, on September 21, 2005 I received a lovely letter from a fellow photographer residing in Bangkok.

She was inquiring about the subject of creativity and asked wonderful questions about how I achieved it.

She told me that she had read the lost man chronicles and if I happened to be the author (i happen to be) that she was wondering if I might impart some words of wisdom regarding the creative process.

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I was not only flattered (wow, someone actually reads my writing) but more importantly¡ªinspired! to compose Points of Creativity overnight. Thank you Cee for inspiring me.

For me, this only demonstrates once again another wonderful thing about flickr¡ªhoo, hoo, hoo, hoooo! (obvious tigger reference for AA Milne fans). For the opportunity for collaboration and inspiration on this site is overflowing and overwhelming. And neither time nor distance; race, color, creed; money, principle or greed matters or can get in the way of feral creativity when it calls to us and invites us to run in its fields. It is obviously flourishing on flickr, and for that I am grateful.


read the lost man chronicles (you just might be inspired, or better yet¡ªinspire me!)


You may find that my words likely reflect much of what I have already said in my 25 Lessons I Have Learned and 25 More Lessons (I¡¯ve) Learned.

I won¡¯t apologize for the redundancy though, not out of arrogance or any rigid principle, but simply because I strongly believe that any bit of advice worth hearing, should also be well-worth repeating.

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