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Despite the rise of the smart, mobile and iPhone as the camera du jour for most people today, for the last two years digital camera sales have seen a significant increase worldwide. Last year, Leica Camera AG reported a 28% sales increase, Fujifilm posted a 7% increase, and the world’s biggest camera company, Canon, is forecasting a 16% profit increase in 2012. A snapshot of compete.com’s site analytics a year ago, show that in May of 2011 the top ten photo sharing sites online cumulatively posted 74 million unique visitors:

23 M — flickr.com
20 M — photobucket.com
8 M — picasaweb.google.com
6 M — shutterfly.com
4 M — imageshack.com
4 M — snapfish.com
2 M — smugmug.com
3 M — kodakgallery.com
3 M — weshots.com
1 M — panoramio.com
Moreover, analysts often attribute the rise in popularity of photography to the “Facebook effect,” citing postings of pictures to social media sites as the primary reason for the overall increase. Facebook’s recent billion dollar acquisition of the popular photo sharing application Instagram clearly shows that it recognizes that photography is the one of the surest means of appealing to billions of people worldwide.

More 2011 numbers from pingdom.com likewise forecast the same (posted January 2012):

100 B — Estimated number of photos on Facebook by mid-2011
6 B — Photos hosted on Flickr (as of August 2011)
51 M — Total number of registered users on Flickr
14 M — Number of Instagram accounts created during 2011
5 M — The average number of photos uploaded each day to Instagram
4.5 M — Number of photos uploaded to Flickr each day
1 — Apple iPhone 4 is the most popular camera on Flickr

M = Million; B = Billion

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